"And So They Did" Lesson Plan

created by Kathleen Thiebert

Classroom Theater

Use the classroom theater (play) version of this story so the students can put on their own performance of "And So They Did." Give a copy of the play to each student who has a part.

Things to Talk About

  • The king refers to three characters, "The Cleaning Girl, The Sleeping Girl, and The Dead Girl". These characters are from what three fairy tales? (p.18-19)
  • Why were the three princesses having trouble finding a prince?
  • Explain the different ways each princess broke away from traditional methods in finding someone to marry.
  • Who do you think was the most resourceful, April, May or June? Explain why you think this.

Write Your Own

If you were a princess, how would you go about finding a prince? Turn this idea into a story.

Careful Reading

Paraphrase (write in your own words) the following words or phrases:

  • "Swept up by a cleaning girl"(p.18)
  • "That prince was married before everyone could finish yawning." (p.19)
  • "Have you lost your mind?"(p.20)

Interesting Words

First define the words below using the context clues in your reading. Next write (in your own words) a synonym for each word.
1. midwife (p.17) 5. distressing (p.25)
2. perplexing (19) 6. drawbridge (p.25)
3. chilling (p.23) 7. stunning (p.27)
4. enchanted (p.24) 8. dashing (p.27)

Creative Activities

  • Write your own advertisement for FRIEND WANTED. Include all the characteristics you would look for in a friend.
  • Write a persuasive letter to your parents about changing some of the things your parents make you do that you think are "old fashioned".
  • Design a wedding invitation for the three princesses, April, May and June.
  • Get into small groups and write a community fairy tale. First, think up the names and characteristics of three newfangled-style princes. Then come up with a one or two sentence summary of a fairy tale involving these princes. When the group is ready, let one student write down the first sentence of the story. The next student will then continue the story with his or her own sentence. Keep doing this until the story is finished. Make sure that each student's sentence makes sense in the context of the sentences that preceded it.